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Mr. Caswell! Wh... what are you doing down here in the mailroom?

Let's not talk about that. Where can I put this box?

Is that the stuff from your office?

Let's not talk about that. What about over there?

Did Sydney Archambeau boot you out of your office?

Why are we discussing this? No, she did not boot me out of my office. Jamal Davis, her publishing director, booted me out of my office. Said he needed room for his "creatives." Creatives. Huh.

What's that booklet there?

Let' not talk about that, either. It's the script for the first season of Wednesdays at 7.

Wednesdays at 7? I've heard about that - it's a podcasted series featuring action figures as actors, right?

I guess that will be my chair. And no, before you ask, I'm not bitter about getting booted out of my office and stuck down here in the mail room. Not a bit.  

Can I see the script?

Here. You can read the whole thing. Creatives, huh. Buncha creative baboons is more accurate.

Wednesdays at 7