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-Say, old timer, what are you doing out here in the middle of the Atlantic with your rowboat? 
-Aren't you kind of far from shore? 
-Two hunnert mile, best as I can reckon. 
-Well what are you fishing for? 
-Can ya keep a secret, young fella? You ever heard of the Central America? 
-Can't say as I have. 
-Big deal away back in 1857 - caused a lot of hoopla all across the country. Over 400 people drowned, loss of a ship, et cetera. 
-So, what are you fishing for? 
-Cap'n Herndon went down with 30,000 pounds of gold, straight to the bottom in these here parts. 
-That's a lot of gold. 
-Some smart fellas recovered about $150 million of it back in the 1980's. 
-So what are you fishing for? 
-They say only 5 percent of it's been recovered.  
-So, I ask again, what are you fishing for? 
-Me nephew. Got himself a SCUBA set for Christmas. Ayuh. I reckon he'll be comin' up anytime, now.  
-With the gold? 
-The water's kind of deep around here. 
-Nigh on 2,000 feet, I reckon.  
-Well, good luck. 
-Ayuh. Them bubbles over there. That's either him or a shark.  
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