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So, tell us Mr. Caswell, how did you make this plaque? 
Well, it was quite easy. I printed off the cover photo for this website onto good card stock. 
Card stock? What is that? 
Normal printer paper is rated at 20#, but card stock is heavy paper, rated at 80#. You could also use photo paper. And you can choose between glossy and matte finish photo paper. Really, it's about the finished image... 
Uh huh. Nobody cares. Once you printed your picture, what did you do? 
I had this nifty... 
Nifty? Really? Nobody says that anymore. How old are you? 
...wooden plaque lying around the house. I trimmed the picture to fit the plaque. It was easy. 
Uh huh. So, did you, like, glue it down or something? 
I used Modge Podge to stick the picture onto the plaque. You kind of have to work fast with Modge Podge, because it sets up fast. First I spread it over the part of the plaque where I wanted the picture to go. .. 
...and then I carefully spread the picture onto the plaque. You have to be careful not to get wrinkles in the picture itself.  
Wait a minute. This thing is all shiny. How did you do that? 
I coated it with a ton of Modge Podge. The stuff dries clear and shiny. If I had it to do again, I'd add a few more coats, perhaps with a light sanding in between to pick up the shine... 
Blobbity, blobbity, blobbity, no one cares about that. So, how much did this cost? 
Well, you can get the plaque for, like, five bucks at the craft supply store. And the Modge Podge is, like, five bucks, and the printing is for free, of course... 
Okay, cool. One more question... can I have that plaque? 
Do you think you've been very nice? 
What are you, Santa Claus?
©  2018 John D Reinhart