Make an Andorran Flag!
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"Maaaaaawm! Timmy's ripping up a piece of paper!" 
"Pipe down, twerp. I'm not rippng it up. I'm distressing it." 
"Maaaaaawm! Timmy's undressing paper!" 
"Not undressing it, moron, distressing it. See, I've printed out two copies of the Andorran flag, one regular, and one backwards. I cut out them out, and glued them back to back. 
"Yeah, nothing wrong with that, huh? Now that the two pieces are glued together, I just have to work 'em to get them soft like cloth." 
"Yeah. Like your diapers." 
"I don't wear diapers anymore. I'm potty trained. I even have a 'tificate." 
"It's a certificate, and I printed it myself." 
"Maaaaaaawm! Timmy says he printed my 'tificate." 
"For crying out loud, cut it out. See? I worked this flag back and forth over the edge of the table. I balled it up, I smoothed it out. And now it feels like cloth. Here, touch it." 
"Yeah. AND, it'll look just right hanging from the halyard on my Black Swan." 
"You have a swan?" 
"I give up."
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