Make this Swell Heart Pendant
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Ma: So, what is this thing? 
You: It's a heart pendant, Ma. I made it just for you! 
Ma: You made this? For me? You can't even make a bowl of cereal! 
You: Well, I made this for you, Ma! All by myself. 
Ma: You didn't make this all by yourself. The only thing you can make is a mess. 
You: Well, I did. I downloaded the heart pendant kit, and I put... 
Ma: Downloaded? Did you use my charge card? I can just see the bill now! Fifty bucks! Fifty bucks this'll cost me! 
You: No, Ma. It ain't like that. This was free. I downloaded it for free, and I printed it, and I cut it out, and I glued it together, and I'm giving it to you. 
Ma: So, you cut out two pieces of paper and stuck 'em together. Huh. No expense spared, huh, ya cheesy cheapskate? 
You: But it's got the labor of love in it, Ma. AND, I coated it with a nice layer of Modge Podge, so it's all shiny. Really, I did it for you, Ma. 
Ma: Well, it is kind of nice. Thank you. 
You: Now can I go to the movies with Chris?
©  2018 John D Reinhart