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Mr. Caswell, why are you jumping up and down? 
Of course you heard the news - gravity waves have been detected! 
Gravity waves? What's the big deal? 
In Newtonian physics, gravity waves are not possible, because there's nothing to transmit them. Imagine writing a note, but you have no paper. There's nothing to transmit your writing. Einstein proposed that the universe is filled with something called spacetime... 
Spacetime, an inseparable combination of time and space. This discovery of gravity waves proves that Einstein was correct! This is huge! 
Uh, ground control to Major Phineas. What are you talking about? 
All right, let me explain. Back in the 1600's, Isaac Newton got hit on the head by an apple. He put together some mathematical laws the explain the motion of bodies, from galaxies and stars all the way down to grains of sand on the beach. 
Ah, the waves. 
Those are one kind of wave. The waves at the beach are shock waves, moving through the water. In fact, the water is staying relatively still - you are watching energy move throught it. Newton said that there was no way for waves to travel, say, from one planet to another, because there was nothing between them. Just empty vacuum.  
But Einstein comes along and says no, no, no - the universe is filled with spacetime, a tangible something that can be measured and the motions of which can be predicted. Newton said that the Earth has gravity, and that's what made the apple fall. Einstein said that the earth's gravity causes the spacetime to warp, and the apple fell down the warp.  
You're losing me... 
Well, Einstein's stuff was all theory. Until today. Until waves traveled 1.4 billion, with a B, miles through spacetime to get here. THAT proves Einstein was right, that spacetime DOES exist, and... 
Yeah, but, who cares? 
This discovery changes the fundamental lens through which we view the universe, even ourselves. This discovery opens the door to superstring theory, or something similar... 
Well, when you get to silly string, we have to say goodbye. 
Wait, Google Gravitational Waves. You'll be amazed at what you find! 
I'm already amazed, but not in the way you think.
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