Wheeeeeeee! I've leapt out of an airplane, ten thousand feet above our globally-warming Earth, WITHOUT A PARACHUTE!

Wheeeeeeee! This is the best! The wind rushing through my hair, my clothes flapping behind me, the whole world spinning and tumbling before me. 

Why no parachute? Because I don't need one! I'VE GOT YOU!

If you quickly download the free kits you'll find on this page, and build them, and stack them up into a pile, I'll have a safe place to land! This plan is sure brilliance!

So, I strongly urge you to start building right now! No kidding... now. Hello? I don't hear any scissors scissoring. No squirt of the glue bottle. You ARE building, right? Right?

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My! That ground is coming up awfully fast! You ARE building, aren't you? AREN'T YOU?
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