You know who you are... if you need help, go look in a mirror.

You're interested in things that make you think. Things you can build. Things you can explore.

Byron Olivier Bishop is just like that - interested in building paper kits. At the end of his first rotten day at the new middle school (he and his mom have just moved to town), he builds a paper kit that launches him ont he adventure of a lifetime.

He's pulled by the eyeballs - hey, it could happen - into a paper world: the houses, the streets, the trees, even the people, are paper. The whole thing is controlled by the paper replica of a Shakespearean era playwright, Winchester Penrose.

Fie on thee, varlet. Thou dost make me sound sinister.

Well, you are kind of sinister. Turning all those people into paper? That's pretty rough...

Oh, and thou shouldst do better, were you in the same position as I? A paper replica, made to last but four and twenty hours, and yet so brilliant as to create my own world, and life as nearly as to for ever as can be seen?

You stole your master's spell book. That's pretty rough, too. In fact, when your master shows up to collect it, you do some things that...

Enough! Thou'lt give away the plot!

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