Costa Concordia - Down Without the Ship
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Say, Captain. Are those rocks right there? 
Don't worry, I've done this a thousand times before. It'll save us half an hour of sailing time if we go this way, through these rocks.  
You're sure you've done this before? 
Lotsa times. In my speedboat. 
The Costa Concordia is more of a cruise ship. You know, a ship? Those rocks look pretty close... 
Don't sweat it... 
Gee, Captain, I think we've hit something. Captain? Captain? 
All kidding aside, the Costa Concordia ran hard aground in January of 2012 and heeled over onto her starboard side. She went under water on that side, and never righted herself. The captain didn't order the ship to be abandoned, costing the lives of 32 passengers. 
The captain didn't order the ship to be abandoned, because he wasn't there. He was found in the little Italian village immediately adjacent to the wreck, just minutes after the disaster. So much for going down with the ship. He was arrested for dereliction of duty. Please, just let me finish my gelato before you put ont the handcuffs. 
Sadly, the beautiful Italian cruise liner is being broken up for scrap. Bye bye, Concordia.
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