Gold! Platinum! Gravitational Waves!
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Mr. Caswell, why are you jumping up and down now? 
Did you not hear? Two neutron stars collided?
New Tron stars? Did anybody get hurt? 
No, you ding-dong. Neutron stars, incredibly dense, amazingly tiny stars. They can be as small as ten miles in diameter, but be, like, twice as dense as our entire sun.

Two of them collided in a blast so bright that it was observed by at least 70 telescopes here on Earth. 
So? And...? 
And the collision was absolutely collossal, and the resulting blast spewed out gold and platinum...
What? No diamonds? 
No, diamonds are made of pressurized carbon that... no, this is important. This is REALLY IMPORTANT:

For the first time in HUMAN HISTORY an astronomical event has been witnessed in something other than the electromagnetic spectrum. The LIGO recorded gravitational waves. 
Ah, the waves. 
Yes, the waves. The waves at the beach are shock waves, moving through the water. The LIGO, two enormous L-shaped observatories buried far underground, recording the passing of the collision's shockwave through space-time.

It's the first time that an electromagnetic and a gravitational observation have coincided. It absolutely proves the validity of Einstein's space-time theory. It absolutely proves the validity of the LIGO observations. It absolutely proves that the fabric of the universe is... well, that there IS a fabric to the universe. 

This means that, finally, we have proof that the universe is, in addition to being a collection of things, a thing in its own right. It is an object - one that is growing and expanding. While the galaxies within it are expanding, we now know, FOR SURE, that the physical entity we call the universe is expanding as well.

Whoa, that's heavy stuff.

It is THE stuff, my friend. Now we can get a grip on the meaning and structure of time. This is BIG. Remember where you were so that you can tell your grandkids about the day the neutron stars collided.

New Tron Stars?
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