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-Lieutenant, stand by to roll down the window.

-Uh, no can do, Captain. We are driving across the surface of Pluto.

-Lieutenant, when I give an order, I expect it to be obeyed. There's something you don't know about Pluto. An atmosphere nearly 80 miles thick has been discovered. Now roll down the window. I want to breathe fresh air.

-With all due respect, sir, I cannot roll down the window. The bodies in the Kuiper Belt don't have atmospheres.

-Well, I guess that proves why I'm the captain and you're just a lowly lieutenant, eh? The New Horizon spacecraft has supplied us with tons of suprises. Like for instance we're driving across the Tombaugh Regio, the only known glacier outside of Earth and Mars. How about those reasonably recent mountain ranges over there, thrust up only a hundred millions years ago? Huh? Nobody knew about that, did they Mister I'm-Not-Going-To-Roll-Down-The-Windows?  And what about the suprisingly smooth face of Charon, Pluto's big moon, grinning over us like an enormous Cheshire Cat without a smile. Huh? What about that? Now, roll down the window!

-Uh, no can do, skipper.

-Well, why in heaven's name not?

-The heater's busted on this thing, sir, and the temperature outside is 390 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.

-Oh, I see. Did I or did I not advise you to bring your sweater?

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