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Gee, Mr. Caswell, you have certainly made some improvements to your Toyota. What's this big thing in the back?

That's my nuclear acceleration engine. It should boost this thing up to point eight of light speed.

Light speed?

186,000 miles per second, per second, give or take a few. That's the speed that light travels. 

Oh, the speed of light. Sure. But, what's all this about time travel?

If you follow the precepts of Einstein's general relativity - a theory recently proved again by the discovery of gravity waves - you know that you and me, and everything...spacetime racing at the speed of light.

I don't feel anything moving.

That's because everything is moving at once. If you and I sat in the back of a van racing down the freeway, and we couldn't see out the windows, we wouldn't seem to be moving, relative to each other. But Mr. Einstein was quite clear that we are moving simultaneously through time or space.

Wait, time or space?

Yes. You are travling at a constant rate through spacetime. If you aren't traveling through space - you, you're just standing still - you must be traveling through time. Imaging you're bicycling straight to the north.  If, however, you veer to the west, now you're traveling a lot north, and a little west. We're all travelilng through time. If we get up and move, we travel a little less through time, and a little more through space.

So, I guess we're time traveling right now.

That's it. BUT, here's why I revamped the Toyota. We are moving through time or space at a constant velocity. If I take off super fast through space, I don't move through time. You can travel through spacetime, or space, or time.  Astronauts that come back to Earth haven't aged as quickly as the people on the ground. 

Wait, what?

It's true. Scientists took four identical clocks. They put two on airplanes, and left two at the airport. Whent the planes came back, their clocks did not match those at the airport.

So, what's with the Toyota?

My plan is to zip around the world at point eight the speed of light. By the time I get back, in, say, forty-five seconds, you'll be thirty years older, and I'll have aged less than a minute!

Why not travel at the speed of light?

Because at the speed of light, mass turns into energy. You know, E=MC squared?

Oh, sure, yeah. Right.  Well, good luck with your little trip thing.

Oh, laugh your head off, Grandpa! Next time I see you, you'll be pushin' a walker and taking liver pills!

Shouldn't your nuclear acceleration engine be made of something more substantial than cardboard?

Well, it's just a prototype...

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