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Color Your Seams
Glue Your Edges
Score Your Folds
This UnSeamly video if brief fun.

When you fold your card stock, how do you eliminate that white line that runs the length of your fold?
Edgy. This video is edgy.

Here's a way to get nice, tight corners that don't peel apart. How can you argue with double gluage?
Say how do you do to our first how to.

If you suffer from floppy folds - and who doesnt? -  this is will be a minute well spent. Plus, you get a celebrity!
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Build the San Salvador
Imitation Dolly Zoom
Ships Ahoy, Matey!
Building paper models is a pleasant, rewarding hobby.

But danger lurks around every corner. Beware, builder, beware!
This is a simple dolly zoom, like the one in Jaws, made by zooming in on the foreground while zooming out on the background!
This video makes use of the stills created in the Make Digital History article.

Stand fast, matey, and set sail aboard the Black Swan. Avast, and other pirate words!