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Wahoo! Hello, big bucks!!!

Mr. Caswell, what has you so... well, agitated?

Look at that cover, boy! Read 'em and weep! Hello, Hollywood!

Oh, I see. Marigold's End, the new novel by John Reinhart, has been published on Smashwords.

Read the title again, you dimwit. Read the whole thing...

Let's see, Marigold's End, a Phineas Caswell Adventure...

Bingo, Bilbo! Lookit my name in P-R-I-N-T!!! That Reinhart fellow has made me famous!

Oh, yes! And it coincides with Sydney Archambeau taking over your site!

Yes, well, let's not talk about that. Instead, BUY THE BOOK!  Here's the link:

  Marigold's End, a Phineas Caswell Adventure