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What can we say about Phineas Caswell, eh? Well... what you like to say?
Famous oil baron? Foppish bard? Blithering, beaming buccaneer? Silly centurion? 

Phineas comes from northern California... or is it Southern?... well, he's equally at home in both. From the blistering dunes and beautiful beaches to the tall trees and acres and acres of almonds, he's at home wherever you stick him.

In fact, he lives on the coast now. But only some of the time.  When
polled recently about his favorite place, his "happy place," he answered that his happy place was leaning against the foretopmast of the fictional ship Kathryn B, the unsugn heroine of the soon-to-be-released DIARY OF BENJAMIN PENWORTHY: EL FUEGO DEL DIABLO.

Offered a job at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Mr. Caswell, this job isn't offered to outsiders, only you), he chose instead to lead the cowboy life,  to get close to the ground. In that way, too, he felt he could get closer to the stars. 

Once a corporate guru, a go-to guy, a big kahuna, he left all that behind to raise his kids - not one or two, but three fine individuals with amazing stories of their own.

An accomplished stage actor, he left the boards to pursue a wildly mild career in voice over.

An accomplished illustrator, he dabbles in the fine arts, dusting up the charcoals and the airbrushes to make sure the pictures accomplish their tasks. 

A meagre musician, he plays a wide variety of instruments with equal ineptitude.

An accomplished writer, from advertising and marketing to technical communications to scientific articles to novels, he's proud to present DROPPINGTON PLACE to you, and genuinely hopes you enjoy it.

And now you know a little about Phineas Caswell.

Here's how you can contact him:
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