Welcome to the online home of author John D Reinhart.
Welcome to the online home of author John D Reinhart
Droppington Place
It's a plot to murder William Shakespeare. To shut up the most annoying mouth in Queen Elizabeth's England. And who better to silence the Bard than playwright Winchester Penrose - well, not Penrose himself, but a magical copy of him that will revert to the sawdust from whence it came after the deed is done?
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Marigold's End, a Phineas Caswell Adventure
The good ship Kathryn B has weathered many a storm, but this one could be her last. Chased by pirates into the very teeth of a hurricane, her valiant crew fights against the dread pirate ship Marigold. All except cabin boy Phineas Caswell, who has somehow managed to get himself trapped on the wrong side of the battle, aboard the Marigold herself! Still, he knows what must be done.
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Who is author John D Reinhart? 
By night, he's the author of Droppington Place and Marigold's End, plus two more novels currently under wraps.  By day, he's a video producer, technical writer, and technical illustrator.

In the light of day, his video productions appear routinely on both the main website and in the social media that accompanies

As a technical writer/illustrator, he delights in teasing meaning out of the arcane, translating engineering complexities into everyday English, and tossing in helpful illustrations when needed. He's crafted everything from business resumption plans to DIY guides. 

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What You'll Find Here:
·Droppington Place - read a synopsis, download your copy of this very fun book.
· Marigold's End - set sail with a synopsis of this pirate adventure, and claim your treasure!
· PaperTecture - download the very paper kits Byron Bishop builds in Droppington Place
· Seafaring -  posts and commentaries by the Author
· Further Reading - a nautical bibliography that will lead you to even more adventure!
· Videos - If you can't take silliness seriously, who can you trust?

The Author Rambles...
A Free Chateau in France
Okay, so, this is not a free chateau in France. Well, it is, but it's not in France, it's in your computer. Okay, well, the original is in France, and this is fine, free model of it.  

There! Now we're on it. I found a site called Secanda - I found it through that nifty site, Papermau, which, if you haven't been there, and you are interested in paper models, well, you should. Go there.  

Blackbeard in the Mysts of Thyme
ou probably don't remember that early video game called Myst, right? It was a really cool mystery role-player, but instead of first person move-arounds, it simply put you into rooms were cool stuff could be discovered. It was an all-surrounding environment, though, and I used to play it just to escape there. I used the title here only because the spelling looks ancient. 
Let us be clear: the word mist was never spelled myst. 
So, anyway, it's a funny thing about Edward Teach. I've been reading Kevin Duffus' book The Last Days of Blackbeard, and he makes a great argument for our Mr. Beard to have not only not been Edward Teach, but probably not Blackbeard, either. 
In London, there's a great big river - what's it called? The Thames, that's right. 
Of Ships and Shapes Part II
One more thing about the shapes of ships - we've talked about this before: try to keep up. You'll remember that I'm trying to figure out the shape of Blackbeard the Pirate's ship, Queen Anne's Revenge. 
You'll also recall how we talked about tonnage being available space, not weight, and how sailing ships had a specific balance between fore and aft, wind and water, to make 'em easy to sail. 
One thing we forgot to discuss was, well, the shape of the ship. 
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